Mazhar Shafiq

Why Mazhar?

“I will be a strong voice that champions the progressive values of Scarborough Centre, fighting to deliver affordable housing, strengthen health care and protect seniors in care, and make life more affordable. A representative that recognizes the diversity of Scarborough and works to bring all of us together.”

Mazhar arrived in Canada at Pearson Airport 20 years ago determined to work hard and build a better life for his family.

Working as a highway engineer in Pakistan after earning his Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, in Canada he earned a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College and worked in various positions in the automotive sector.

Choosing to dedicate his career to public service, he took on roles with the provincial and federal governments, working to ensure underrepresented voices are heard by those in power.

He has been an active supporter of local charities, community groups and hospitals, including the Scarborough Hospital. He has run a variety of youth programs, and served as council chair at his son’s school.

Mazhar and his wife, Summra, have two sons, and he is committed to building a better future for all our children.

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